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Understanding your dentistry needs in Milwaukie, Clackamas, Gladstone and Happy Valley

Just like cleaning the gutters or rotating the tires on the car, dentistry is something many of us tend to put off. And no wonder—visits to the dentist are often surrounded by anxiety and concern for discomfort. We often feel like we don’t have a say in our care and sometimes it can feel like we have no options or control over our own treatment—that kind of experience is quite reasonably, something all of us try to avoid. But just like procrastinating about the gutters that overflow, leak, and make a mess and tires that wear unevenly, lose performance, and...
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Routine Cleaning From the best dentistry in Portland

It’s important to bear a few things in mind. Scheduling a routine dental cleaning can prevent many symptoms and problems that bring unnecessary discomfort and expense. When you find a general dentist or family dentist with whom you are comfortable and in whom you have confidence, dental visits become easy, enjoyable, and less likely to be delayed or put off. That’s why Dr. Speer works hard to earn your confidence and provide you with a comfortable, pleasant dental experience—we want you to feel good about maintaining the health of your mouth. Because we want you to be well educated and...
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When Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom TeethThe removal of wisdom teeth is a standard practice today and for good reason. Growing wisdom tooth can cause unbearable pain in many cases. There are scenarios when the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary and also when it can be avoided. Before making a decision, your general dentist in Milwaukie is just a call away. Book a consultation if you’re suffering from pain. When Should You Get Them Removed? There are many instances in which getting wisdom teeth removed is a wise choice. If they are causing mouth pain and bite problems or causing stress on permanent teeth,...
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Affordable Dental Implants & Pediatric Dentistry

If you’re in need of information regarding partial and full dentures or affordable dental implants, contact our office. We also provide Portland pediatric dentistry services. Dr. Kevin Speer is a Portland area dentist who, along with his skilled team, offers a variety of dental services to meet clients’ unique needs. Whether you would like to discuss partial and full dentures, affordable dental implants, or another treatment option altogether, we can assist you. Dr. Speer also provides families with Portland pediatric dentistry services. Our office is designed to make your entire family, from the youngest member to the oldest, feel at...
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Pleasant Experience with a Pediatric Dentist in Milwaukie OR

Visit Dr. Speer, one of the best dentists in Portland OR and the surrounding region. He serves as a general dentist and a pediatric dentist in Milwaukie OR. We know that visiting the dentist isn’t always the most pleasant experience. In fact, some people absolutely dread their check-ups. At Dr. Kevin Speer’s office, our goal is to make the entire dental experience as comfortable as possible. We aim to treat all of our clients with great care and respect, whether they are 3 years old or 103 years old. Dr. Speer is proud to be one of the top dentists...
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