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Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Take a moment and check your schedule book for the last year, can you find an appointment for a standard dental cleaning? If not you’re doing your teeth an incredible disservice, and you definitely want to take a moment and make a call for an appointment. Before you do, however, we’re going to give you a little information about why dental cleanings are important, and how they help to protect your health.

The Expected Benefits Of A Cleaning

Bacteria and plaque on the teeth build up and can cause problems with tooth decay and gum disease. These are fairly commonly understood consequences of not properly taking care of your teeth, but its really just the beginning. Gingivitis, the simplest form of gum disease, is already dangerous for your dental health but it only gets worse if its left untreated. Periodontal disease can cause a host of issues, especially in its later stages. Pockets of infection known as abscesses can occur deep within the jaw, bone loss can occur, as well as tooth loss and worse. Ensuring that you see your dentist on a regular basis and get dental cleanings will help prevent these issues from occurring.

The Unexpected Benefits Of Dental Cleaning

Further research into dental health has revealed that our oral hygiene has a greater impact on our overall health than was at first suspected. Studies have shown that those who have poor oral health are also more prone to heart disease, among other health concerns including Alzheimer’s. These are just a couple of the health conditions that have been shown to have ties to oral health, and more are being revealed every year. Maintaining good oral health, which includes regular cleanings, means that you are at a lower risk for concerns like oral cancer and strokes as well.

It’s Not All About Your Teeth

Dental cleanings are usually done as part of an exam, which allows your dentist to identify a whole host of problems related to your oral health. Oral cancer screens are just one of the things your dentist does while they’re maintaining your teeth. They’ll also check existing restorations like fillings to see if there has been any damage done to them and if repair or maintenance is required. Incoming wisdom teeth or other developing concerns can be spotted and controlled, and issues with your home hygiene practices can be identified and techniques taught to help you manage them.

Dental cleanings come with an immense number of benefits to the patient, and not all of them are immediately obvious. If you’re looking for a new dentist or have just moved to the Milwaukie, OR area pick up the phone and give Dr. Kevin Speer a call at Oak Grove Dental. They’ve been providing excellent preventative dental care to patients in the Milwaukie area for years, and always look forward to adding new families to their dental practice. Don’t let missing regular cleanings cause problems with your oral health, schedule an appointment today!

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