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What Is A Cone Beam Image?

Getting x-rays used to be a lengthy process involving an uncomfortable lead gown and the placement of multiple devices in our mouths to aid in getting films taken of our oral cavity. These are typically done at your first visit and provide a versatile tool that ensures that your dentist can see every angle of your mouth and really understand what’s going on with your oral health. New technology has made it possible to streamline getting these films done and make the whole experience much less uncomfortable.

How do Dental Cone Beam Images Differ From Traditional Radiology?
Dental Cone Beam Images are created using a special form of x-ray that makes it possible to take images of the entire mouth in a single sweep. As the device sweeps around your head it takes multiple images and combines them together into a composite 3D image that can be viewed by your dentist in a digital format. Using these special images your dentist can see everything that’s going on in your mouth by rotating the images. The level of detail they can provide makes it possible for your dentist to see the nerve paths, the soft tissues of the mouth and jaw, and the health of the jawbone easily.

What Do I Need To Do To Be Ready For My Cone Beam Image?

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to remove any metal you may be wearing, including electronic devices like hearing aids. Throughout the exam, you should be wearing clothing that’s comfortable enough to allow you to move freely and doesn’t have any metal parts. In some cases, you may be provided with a gown instead. Additionally, all jewelry should be removed regardless of composition, including hairpins, glasses, piercings, and removable orthodontics. Once this has been accomplished you’ll be ready to receive your imaging!

What Is A Cone Beam Session Like?
During this procedure, the series of images mentioned above will be taken of your craniofacial region to create the composite image your dentist will use. These images will include your head, mouth, face, jaws, teeth, and other features of the region and will be used to produce the final 3D image. You’ll be provided with any necessary safety equipment, and the whole process only takes a couple of minutes. While the Cone Beam Session will use a slightly higher amount of radiation than traditional x-rays, the levels you’re exposed to are still completely safe.

If you’re looking for a dentist using the latest and best imaging technology to serve you and your families oral health needs, pick up the phone and call Dr. Kevin H Speer at the Oak Grove Dental Center in Milwaukie, OR. Their team of professionals are proud to provide exceptional dental health services to their community and are ready to make you part of the Oak Grove Dental Center family of patients. Make your appointment today and get started on the road to great oral health!

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