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Recovery From Implants

Recovery From Implants

Dental implants are an incredible technology that’s been in various stages of development for thousands of years, one that in our modern age has been improved to the point that they represent a prosthetic replacement that is nearly identical to your natural teeth in appearance. They also represent a superior option to any other dental replacement options available, providing a comfortable and natural chewing experience while supporting the health and structure of your jaw. Recovery remains one part of the procedure that some patients find a little daunting, but this guide will make your journey to a beautiful new set of teeth as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

What Steps Should I Take After My Implant Surgery?

The process of putting titanium mountings in your jaw may be a fairly routine surgery, but your body’s recovery from this process still requires a little time. When you first awaken from this surgery your mouth will be packed with gauze to help staunch any bleeding that results from the process. After an hour the gauze can be removed, and that’s where your real journey to recovery begins. The next few weeks will require additional attention to your dental health, including the following steps:

  • Do Not Disturb The Surgery Area – To ensure that your jaw heals easily and without complication, do your best to leave the surgery site undisturbed. Limit your interaction with it to brushing and rinsing gently so it can heal properly.
  • Don’t Smoke – Smoking contributes to a condition known as dry socket that is quite patient for those dealing with it. Once the healing process is complete you can resume this habit if you haven’t decided to quit altogether.
  • Clean It Well – While this may seem in contradiction to the first advisement, dental hygiene is going to be important to the healing process. Every morning and evening brush your gums and implant area gently, and rinse with water following every meal.
  • Cut Back On Physical Activity – During the healing process its essential to keep your physical activity to a minimum. Increased blood flow and heavy breathing from exercise can result in bleeding, swelling, and pain at the site of the surgery. You also need to be careful when you change positions, especially when standing up or rising from laying down.
  • Ice The Site – Cold does an excellent job of reducing swelling, which in turn can reduce pain and discomfort at the surgery site. Don’t apply the ice directly, instead pack it in ziplock bags and apply it to your cheeks near the surgery site.

Following these simple steps will go a long way towards making your recovery easier, and once its all over you’ll have a great new set of teeth that will restore your beautiful smile and ability to enjoy your favorite foods. If you’re looking for a dentist to consult about your coming implant surgery, pick up the p hone and contact Oak Grove Dental in Milwaukie, OR. Dr. Kevin H Speer has been helping patients like you enjoy an incredible new life with dental implants.

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