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Did you know…

Needles and noises can make a trip to the dentist scary for kids. Our new noiseless and virtually painless Solea dental laser lets us tackle most of hard and soft tissue procedures without anesthesia. That’s bound to put a smile on their face.

We know full well that keeping kids’ mouths happy and healthy can take some nagging. Getting them to the dentist can be tricky, too.  To help you with that, we put together a few ways to make it easier for them:

1. Walk them through the process. Dental offices do look different. There’s a lot of high-tech machinery and bright lights. One way to help assuage any fears is to explain the step-by-step experience. Here’s a great breakdown by

2. Make it fun. Programs like Sesame Street have great resources and games for parents to help teach healthy habits. Brushy Brush is one of our favorites.

3. Show them this video of Sophia (age 8) going to the dentist. She even brought her teddy bear!

What do you do at home to prepare your kids to go to the dentist? Share your ideas by posting to our Facebook page here.


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