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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Patient with dental anxiety refusing dental treatment

There’s a lot of cases where people are suffering from dental anxiety, and the origins of that anxiety are as many and varied as the people themselves.  Common sources of dental anxiety include being taunted by our siblings, the whispered stories of pain and torture by our peers, and the representation of dentists as being scary on the TV and media.  It’s a common trope that has little to do with your friendly neighborhood dentist whose only goal is to help you and your family living a life free of oral pain and with good dental health. Dr. Kevin Speer has been working with patients from children to adults at the Oak Grove Dental Center and easing their concerns about a trip to the dentist.

Where Does Dental Anxiety Come From?
Dental anxiety is a phenomenon that finds its origins in urban myth, media representation, and the horror stories from days gone by.  These tales often speak of outdated techniques, amplified stories for the purpose of shock, and are often spurred by tormenting by siblings and peers.  There are other less identifiable sources, of course, but what is known is that dental anxiety is a real phenomenon that affects thousands of people all over the world.  One of the most common fears of being in the dentist chair is said to stem from the perceived lack of control one can experience while under the dentist’s care. Thankfully all these fears are unfounded, as dentists are only interested in keeping you from being in pain and tending to your oral health.

How Can I Overcome Dental Anxiety?
One way of handling your dental anxiety is to work with your dentist to address these issues.  Many dentists will go out of their way to create an environment that is safe and accommodating to the patient’s anxieties.  Some dental offices are specifically designed to address these issues, with efforts being made to make the office look as little like a dentist’s office as possible, including staff that don’t wear scrubs or bows but instead dress in plain clothes suitable to their work.  You can also work with your psychiatrist to help you overcome your concerns, get medications to help soothe your nerves when you go into your appointment, and otherwise work to find ways that will help you get the oral care you need while eliminating or managing your fear of the dentist.

If you or your children suffer from dental anxiety, give Dr. Kevin Speer a call at the Oak Grove Dental Center.  Advise them of your concerns and the fears that you or your child faces, and they’ll work with you to create an environment that will help your children face their fears and experience a happy and healthy relationship with their dentist.  Don’t let dental anxiety create a condition where your oral health degrades, give the Oak Grove Dental Center a call today and get on the road to a fear-free future in oral health.

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