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How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Kid brushing his teeth

Getting your children to be enthusiastic about brushing their teeth can be a real chore, even though it means they’ll have beautiful pain free teeth for the rest of their lives. It’s almost impossible to impart the importance of this habit on them over the long term, so you need ways to motivate them to start brushing that doesn’t involve doom and gloom warnings down the road. Below we’ve presented a few ideas about how to help them get enthusiastic about brushing and learn the importance of proper oral care.

Get Them Involved By Having Them Choose Their Supplies

Do they think that toothbrush with their favorite characters is adorable and a must-have? Do they dislike the traditional mint and cinnamon flavors and want something else they see on the dental aisle? Let them get these items and encourage them to use them at home. Odds are that with a little agency in their dental care choices they’ll get excited about brushing their teeth. Even if that excitement fades getting started is the only way to form a life-long habit.

Use A Song While Brushing Your Teeth

A lot of kids have a hard time knowing how long they’re supposed to brush, or just get bored while they’re doing it. Using a song they like to time their brushing and also to help make brushing their teeth fun can go along way towards getting them engaged.

Use Rewards To Encourage Them

While you have to be careful using the reward system with your kids, since life won’t always provide tangible rewards for things you need to do, we definitely think this is one case where it’s worth trying. Kids don’t have the long term view to realize that the rewards from brushing your teeth regularly are going to make themselves known down the road. Nor do they typically understand the concept of ‘repercussions’ until they’re already paying the price. So a reward system to keep them on track with brushing might just be the thing.

Team Efforts Make Everything Better

Get together with your kids and practice good oral hygiene as a family, it’s a great way to bond and to make the whole experience more fun. It’s just two minutes out of your day, but its two minutes that will leave a lasting impression on them. Not only will they practice good oral hygiene, but they’ll think of you every time they brush their teeth for the rest of their lives, and the time you spent together as a family as part of it.

If your children are having trouble sticking to a good oral hygiene routine, contact Dr. Kevin H Speer at Oak Grove Dental today. They help families like yours in the Milwuakie, OR area develop excellent oral care habits that will last them a lifetime. Get your children started with fantastic oral hygiene today and call to make an appointment for a check-up. You’re children will be grateful to you for a lifetime of beautiful healthy teeth.

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