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How Extractions Can Save Your Oral Health

So you’ve been to see your dentist and you’ve learned that you’re going to have to get a tooth extracted. This can be a scary and traumatic experience for some people, and many may wonder why extracting the tooth is necessary. A tooth extraction, to clarify, is when a tooth has become so diseased or damaged that it isn’t possible to save it and it must be extracted, or removed, from the patient’s mouth. While dentists will usually strive to leave your natural teeth in place sometimes an extraction is unavoidable in cases like those mentioned below.

Damage To The Tooth Is Irreparable

One of the most common reasons we already mentioned above. When poor oral care or trauma has led to the tooth being in a condition that makes it impossible to repair, the tooth has to come out. Decay can be one cause of this, but it’s also possible for trauma from an accident or complications from other medical conditions to make this necessary.

As A Solution To Severe Periodontitis

When the gums, ligaments, bone, and supporting structures of the teeth have become infected it’s a condition known as periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the most commonly experienced version of this, resulting in swollen and bleeding gums. Peridontitis is more severe and can lead to a difficult to treat infection that may require the extraction of teeth to tackle. This isn’t the only possible solution in every case, but it is one that may become necessary.

Relief For An Impacted Tooth

When an adult tooth is being blocked from coming in, or if the gums didn’t permit the tooth to fully erupt, it may be necessary to extract a tooth. Wisdom teeth are a common culprit here as the mouth doesn’t usually have room to accommodate these throw-backs. Extraction of wisdom teeth is often done to prevent damage being done to the surrounding teeth, and can also aid overcrowding and reduce the risk of infection.

Speaking of Overcrowding

Everyone’s mouth is different, and sometimes that means that the teeth they have coming in simply won’t fit in their mouth. When realignment is necessary but there’s insufficient room for it to happen with the number of teeth currently present, an extraction may be called for. Consultation with your dentist will reveal how many, if any, teeth need to be removed in these cases.

The four conditions mentioned above are among the most common situations where a tooth needs to be extracted. Many patients think that getting an extraction means that they have been negligent in their oral health care but this isn’t always the case. There are other conditions that may cause for a tooth to be removed, and your dentist will let you know if any of them apply to you. If you’re experiencing pain from teeth that you think may need to be removed, contact Dr. Kevin Speer at Oak Grove Dental in Milwaukie, OR. Their team of trained professionals have been helping patients like you with pain-free extractions for years, and are always willing to add another member to their dental care family.

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