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Dental Myths vs. Facts

For a healthy body, the impeccable condition of your oral health is of paramount importance. And in that, our teeth are our most valuable assets. A confident, beautiful smile, adds to the charm of your face, and become the most lasting impression you can leave someone. In all social interactions and general daily life, healthy teeth help you win people over with such a smile and of course with proper speech too. There is no way to completely describe how important every part of our body is for us, and teeth are no exception to that. There are however many myths related to teeth and hundreds of ideas that have no backing in medical science. Our lifestyles and lack of understanding can cause a severe negative impact on our teeth, and we suffer, from pain and disease in the long run. Simple education and awareness can prevent the problems before they can get severe.

Myth # 1 More toothpaste is good for your teeth

Imagine if we gave you soap to eat. It’s just like thinking if soap cleans hands why not the digestive system. Yeah! Funny right? But this is the exact principle we seem to apply to our teeth. More toothpaste does nothing to improve the condition of your teeth. Toothpaste is not nutrients but cleaners. Medicated toothpaste is slightly different and may add a little bit more value to the condition of your teeth. Over a longer period, however, you will have to learn how to prevent diseases from reaching your teeth, than cure them with toothpaste. The sole purpose of regular toothpaste is to clean the other surface of the teeth, and no number of smiling acres in the advertisements can change that. For your information, most of the actors in those advertisements don’t even use the toothpaste they are selling to you.

Myth #2 Brushing Daily should keep your teeth healthy

Just like toothpaste what you need is the frequent use of it. Brushing in a hurry once in a day hardly give the teeth the maintenance they deserve. Not brushing daily but brushing properly and more frequently is what you need. Spend at least 1-2 minutes gently removing the food residue from around and between your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing and flossing should be thorough but gentle and must not harm your gums in the process.

Myth #3 Cleaning your teeth with toothpaste and brushes is the only way to keep them healthy

Cleaning can be in many ways. While toothpaste and brushes are the most common amongst these, eating the right kind of food is extremely important too. When you bite into a juicy tart apple or sink your teeth into a crisp, crunchy carrot, you are rubbing the upper surface your teeth against the hard rough-gentle flesh of the fruit. It is an excellent way to clean that surface of your teeth. Adding a lot of raw salads to your meals will not only health with better digestion but will help you keep your teeth clean as well.

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