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Dentist holding tool

Learn The Tools In Your Dentist Office

While patients sit in the dentist’s chair waiting for their practitioner to conduct their twice-yearly visit, they often have a moment to ponder the purpose of the strange equipment they see around them. Education is a cornerstone of effective medical treatment, and knowing more about the equipment and how it’s used can help ease dental […]

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How Long Do Same Day Crowns Take_

How Long Do Same Day Crowns Take?

In today’s fast paced world, finding time for anything extra is often hard to do. So when your dentist tells you that you need a dental crown, you may be wondering how on earth you are going to fit in the multiple dental appointments needed to place a dental crown. Luckily, the modern dental office […]

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Tooth Replacement Options

Missing teeth may seem like a minor inconvenience, but in reality, it can cause a significant amount of long-term problems, such as slurred speech, a shrinking jawbone, and difficulty chewing, all of which will gradually weaken the surrounding teeth while the average adult loses about seven teeth in their lifetime. With dental care technology, there […]

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How Long Does Teeth Bleaching Last?

How Long Does Teeth Bleaching Last?

Over the years, teeth bleaching has become the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. By spending as little as one hour in the dental chair, you can leave your dentist’s office with a whiter and brighter smile. Not to mention the bleaching agents are topically applied, which means no dental drills and no needles. As a […]

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How Your Dentist Can Help You Rest

Have you found yourself dozing off at work? Is concentration something that you struggle with? Have you been waking up with a headache that just won’t quit? Have you experienced drowsiness at dangerous moments, like when you’re driving? You may want to bring this up to your dentist! There’s more to a dentist’s career than […]

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3 Signs You May Need A Root Canal

3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Although many people resent root canals, they are necessary dental treatments to prevent infected teeth from falling out or being extracted. Teeth can become infected when dental decay has eroded through the enamel and dentin layers to reach the innermost layer called the pulp. Once bacteria have infected the dental pulp, the only way to […]

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Maintaining My Dental Implant

For patients that have been considering getting dental implants, there’s often a concern about what’s going to be involved in caring for them. Implants can be an important part of restoring normal dental function to patients who have missing teeth, and can also serve to preserve the remaining teeth against further damage. Implants, like any […]

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5 reasons to try laser dentistry

5 Reasons to Try Laser Dentistry

One of the biggest complaints from patients surrounding dental care is that it can be uncomfortable at times. Luckily, dental research has heard this popular lament and continues to work towards anxiety-free dentistry and gentle dental techniques. Besides dental anesthetics and sedation, there has been another technological advancement to improve the quality of modern dental […]

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Different Types Of Braces

Braces can benefit you in many ways. They help straighten your teeth, enforce good oral cleaning habits, and help protect your teeth from misalignment and potentially damaging your gums and jawline. However, choosing which kind of braces you want can be a difficult challenge. Here are all the different types of braces available at you […]

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Oral Effects Of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is one of the most maligned substances of childhood joy, with most parents swearing that it rots your teeth. While chewing sugary gum isn’t good for you, there is mounting evidence to believe that chewing gum that’s sweetened with Xylitol can actually have a positive effect on your oral health. Chewing gum doesn’t […]

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Title banner for "5 facts about dental implants"

5 Facts About Dental Implants

Are you curious about dental implants? Do you have missing teeth that you would like to restore using dental implants? Do you know how they work? If you are considering dental implants, here are five facts about dental implants.  They Can Be Placed in a Single Appointment Dental implants and the dental prosthetic can be […]

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Facts About Mouthguards

Mouthguards will be able to protect your teeth from any potential harm, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Many dentists recommend mouth guards, but why should they be worn, and when should they be worn? Here, those questions and more will be answered. Types of Mouth Guards Stock Mouth Protectors – Inexpensive and can […]

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Why Do I Need a Bone Graft

While bone grafts aren’t a common part of most people’s dental treatments, there are some conditions where this treatment is necessary. Bone grafts are typically used where the jaw has experienced extensive decay from advanced gum disease, or where damage from trauma makes it necessary to rebuild it. There are a few different types of […]

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Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

Take a moment and check your schedule book for the last year, can you find an appointment for a standard dental cleaning? If not you’re doing your teeth an incredible disservice, and you definitely want to take a moment and make a call for an appointment. Before you do, however, we’re going to give you […]

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3 Procedures To Whiten Teeth

If you’ve found yourself looking in the mirror wishing that the smile reflected back at you was a bit brighter, and whiter. While we may wish we had a brighter smile our habits, be they a love of certain staining foods or oral hygiene that could perhaps be a bit more diligent, may leave us […]

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Recovery From Implants

Dental implants are an incredible technology that’s been in various stages of development for thousands of years, one that in our modern age has been improved to the point that they represent a prosthetic replacement that is nearly identical to your natural teeth in appearance. They also represent a superior option to any other dental […]

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How To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Getting your children to be enthusiastic about brushing their teeth can be a real chore, even though it means they’ll have beautiful pain free teeth for the rest of their lives. It’s almost impossible to impart the importance of this habit on them over the long term, so you need ways to motivate them to […]

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How Extractions Can Save Your Oral Health

So you’ve been to see your dentist and you’ve learned that you’re going to have to get a tooth extracted. This can be a scary and traumatic experience for some people, and many may wonder why extracting the tooth is necessary. A tooth extraction, to clarify, is when a tooth has become so diseased or […]

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What Is A Cone Beam Image?

Getting x-rays used to be a lengthy process involving an uncomfortable lead gown and the placement of multiple devices in our mouths to aid in getting films taken of our oral cavity. These are typically done at your first visit and provide a versatile tool that ensures that your dentist can see every angle of […]

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What Are The Phases Of Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a subject that many dental patients aren’t too well versed in, and it only gets more confusing when you realize that it’s time for them to get their own. The good news is that orthodontic treatment isn’t new science, and the treatment methods are incredibly successful and predictable in their application. If you’re […]

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When Wisdom Teeth Erupt, Wise Patients Learn About Extraction

While we often grow up hearing about people who’ve had to have their wisdom teeth removed, we don’t usually get told that not everyone gets wisdom teeth. This may leave some of us wondering what exactly happens when and if these extra teeth come in, why they need to be removed, and who to see […]

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Dentures and denture implants

Removable or Fixed Implant Dentures

When people think about dentures, it’s inevitable that their mind goes to teeth sitting in a jar by their grandparent’s bed, but that’s not all dentures can be.  Those dentures are the icon of dental days gone by when there were few good solutions for a permanent, natural-looking way to return teeth to those who […]

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Model of all white teeth with one red, sore tooth

5 Reasons For Your Toothache You May Not Have Considered

When we start experiencing tooth pain, many of us may jump straight to the conclusion that what’s ailing us is a cavity. The rest of us may just grab some Ambisol and do what we can to ignore it, especially if we’re concerned about the cost of dentistry. What’s interesting is that while Ambisol may […]

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Patient with dental anxiety refusing dental treatment

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

There’s a lot of cases where people are suffering from dental anxiety, and the origins of that anxiety are as many and varied as the people themselves.  Common sources of dental anxiety include being taunted by our siblings, the whispered stories of pain and torture by our peers, and the representation of dentists as being […]

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Teeth Whitening supplies

Teeth Whitening Methods: Which is Best For Me?

It is an unfortunate fact that teeth accumulate stains over the years, making them look more dull in color. As a result, many people look for solutions aimed at removing these stains to restore their teeth to their former glory. Nowadays, there are many different methods available to whiten teeth, however the sheer magnitude of […]

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Approval stamp on an insurance coverage document

Does My Dental Insurance Cover That?

If you need to have dental work done and you currently have dental insurance, you may be wondering whether or not your dental procedure will be covered. Since dental insurance differs from medical insurance and is designed to offer partial coverage, the short answer is that your dental insurance will most likely cover a percentage […]

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Cartoon image of teeth with sad faces and bleeding gums as a result of gum disease

Bleeding Gums Are Not Normal

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, it is important for you to realize that this is not a normal occurrence. Bleeding gums are a symptom that indicates something is not right with your dental health. There can be several different causes for bleeding gums and the only way to know for sure […]

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Teeth Problem. Woman Feeling Tooth Pain. Closeup Of Beautiful Sad Girl Suffering From Strong Tooth Pain. Attractive Female Feeling Painful Toothache.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until It Hurts

Many people avoid going to the dentist on a regular basis and wait until they are in a significant amount of pain before making an appointment. Their dental visit becomes centered around the cause of this pain and eliminating it. By that point, the condition causing the pain has already escalated a decent amount and […]

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Dental Myths vs. Facts

For a healthy body, the impeccable condition of your oral health is of paramount importance. And in that, our teeth are our most valuable assets. A confident, beautiful smile, adds to the charm of your face, and become the most lasting impression you can leave someone. In all social interactions and general daily life, healthy teeth help you win people over with such a smile and of course with proper speech too.

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relaxing in dental chair

Orthodontic Work is Not Just For Aesthetics

Orthodontic work is about more than just making your smile look good. Sure, like everyone you want your teeth to be straight and project confidence and beauty when you smile, but orthodontics plays a huge role in how well people live their lives. In fact, orthodontics can influence your self-esteem and quality of life for […]

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