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5 Reasons For Your Toothache You May Not Have Considered

Model of all white teeth with one red, sore tooth

When we start experiencing tooth pain, many of us may jump straight to the conclusion that what’s ailing us is a cavity. The rest of us may just grab some Ambisol and do what we can to ignore it, especially if we’re concerned about the cost of dentistry. What’s interesting is that while Ambisol may take away the pain, what’s causing the pain isn’t necessarily a cavity! There are lots of other reasons why you may be experiencing mouth pain, and some of them are indicative of deeper issues that need addressing, all while not being a cavity!

So What Can Make My Teeth Hurt?
That’s an excellent question, and we have an extensive number of answers for you. Many of these causes are things that you may not have considered, and if you don’t act on them right away you may end up in greater trouble down the road. Some of these causes are medical in nature, others have surprising sources, but all of them can be dealt with by a skilled dentist. Without further ado, here are 5 unexpected reasons your teeth may be giving you trouble:

1. You’re Exercising A Great Deal – We know, you keep being told that you should get out and be more active, and now we find out that exercise may, in fact, be a problem all its own? Madness. Evidence has shown that the more athletes work out, the higher the possibility they have of tooth erosion. The jury is still out on why, but scientists think it may have to do with saliva, or rather the lack thereof. A dry mouth is a happy breeding ground for bacteria, and since athletes tend to breathe rather intensely during their workouts, their mouths may be drier than others.
2. You Grind Your Teeth At Night – The stress of day to day living can really take its toll on people, and sometimes that toll comes at night. Stress is one of the greatest contributors to those who grind their teeth while they’re sleeping, and if it gets bad enough you may even break your teeth. Night guards are generally suggested for those with this issue, but they don’t always help.
3. TMJ Disorder – The Temporomandibular joint, that joint that connects your jaw to your skull, is used in just about everything you do with your mouth. If your jaw clicks or pops when you open your mouth, and you’ve been experiencing a mysterious toothache, you may, in fact, be experiencing radiating pain from the joint.
4. Your Sinuses Are Flaring Up – You know that whole stuffy-headed feeling we used to hear about in the commercials? That pressure can contribute directly to pain in your teeth that has nothing to do with why your teeth actually hurt. This is most evident if it feels like the pain is affecting more than one tooth.
5. Your Filling Fell Out – This one can go unnoticed, especially if it’s located in the back of your mouth. If you’re feeling pain in your tooth check and see if all your fillings are still there, if one of them is missing, that’s likely where your pain is coming from.

These are just some of the reasons you may be experiencing pain in your teeth, and they’re some of the most unusual. If you’re experiencing pain the best decision you can make is to stop in and see a professional like Dr. Kevin Speer at the Oak Grove Dental Center in Milwaukie, OR. During your appointment, you’ll get an exam that will look into your concerns and help set you on a path to a solution.

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