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Root Canals

When a tooth has deep decay that has caused damage to the nerve, a root canal may be necessary to save the tooth. Trauma from an accident can also result in a root canal being needed.

Inside each tooth is the pulp which consists of blood vessels and nerves to the tooth. When the pulp is diseased or injured, the pulp tissue dies. If the pulp is not removed, your tooth gets infected and you could lose that tooth and supporting bone.

After Dr. Speer removes the pulp, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and filled with a special material to protect it.

Dr. Speer will recommend that a crown be placed over the tooth to further protect it from fracturing down the road. Fractures are very common in root canal treated teeth, as they tend to become brittle. If the tooth fractures before a crown is put on, the only option is to remove the tooth.

In most cases, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to three office visits.